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Publisher: PLATFORMA and the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR).

Author: Eva Baños de Guisasola, PLATFORMA Advisor on Sustainable Development Goals, Global Agendas and Climate. Research: Nathalie Noupadja, CEMR Head of Research and Studies (until 31/03/2022), with the invaluable help of Pablo Ladha, PLATFORMA Intern, and Aleksandra Garo, CEMR Research Intern. Managing Editors: Fabrizio Rossi, CEMR Secretary General, Marlène Siméon, CEMR Director of Operations, and Durmish Guri, CEMR Director of External Resources and Knowledge Strategy. Editing and Liaison with the Graphic Design Team: Hervé Devavry, PLATFORMA Communication Officer. Copy Editing: Penny Yim-Barbieri. Design: Inextremis. Information current as of March 2022.


Associations: Austria: Austrian Association of Cities and Towns (Österreichischer Städtebund); Belgium: Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG); Bulgaria: National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB); Cyprus: Union of Cyprus Municipalities (UCM); Denmark: Danish Regions (Regioner); Estonia: The Association of Estonian Cities and Municipalities (AECM); Finland: Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (AFLRA); France: Association Internationale des Maires Francophones (AIMF); Cités Unies France (CUF); French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (AFCCRE); Georgia: National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia (NALAG); Iceland: Association of Local Authorities in Iceland (SAMBAD); Italy: Italian Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (AICCRE); Kosovo: Association of Kosovo Municipalities (AKK); Latvia: Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG); Luxembourg: Association of Luxembourg Cities and Municipalities (SYVICOL); Malta: Local Council Association Malta; Moldova: Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova (CALM); The Netherlands: Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG); International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities l (VNG International); National Town-Twinning Council Netherlands-Nicaragua (LBSNN); North Macedonia: Association of the Units of Local Self-Government of the Republic of North Macedonia (ZELS); Norway: Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS); Romania: Romanian Municipalities Association (AMR); Serbia: Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SKGO); Slovakia: Association of Towns and Communities of Slovakia; Slovenia: Association of Urban Municipalities of Slovenia (ZMOS-SI); Spain: Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP); Association of Basque Municipalities (EUDEL); Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity (FAMSI); Fons Mallorquí de Solidaritat i Cooperació; Sweden: Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR); Turkey: Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB); Marmara Municipalities Union (MMU); United Kingdom: Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA); Local Government Association (LGA); South-East Europe: Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe (NALAS).

Individual Local or Regional Governments, Agencies: France: City of Grigny, Regional Council of Brittany, Grand Est Region. Spain: Government of Catalonia (GENCAT); Euskal Fondoa/Basque Local Authorities Cooperation Fund and eLankidetza - Basque Government Development Cooperation Agency (EUSKADI - Basque Country); City of Manlleu; City of Burela; Extremadura Agency for International Development Cooperation (AEXCID); Observatorio Provincial de Sostenibilidad de Albacete; Fundación Musol; City of Bilbao; City of Sant Boi de Llobregat; Belgium: City of Bruges; Germany: Lower Saxon State Chancellery; Portugal: Câmara Municipal de Palmela; Republic of Serbia: City of Kragujevac. Sweden: Gävle Municipality.

Disclaimer: The analyses, results and recommendations set out in this study are those of CEMR and PLATFORMA and do not necessarily reflect the official position of any local or regional government, their associations or the multilateral institutions whose initiatives are presented herein. This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of CEMR and PLATFORMA and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons "Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike" 4.0 International License.

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The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) is the oldest and broadest European association of local and regional governments. It is the only organisation that brings together the national associations of local and regional governments from 40 European countries and represents, through them, all levels of territories – local, intermediate and regional. Since its creation in 1951, CEMR promotes the construction of a united, peaceful and democratic Europe founded on local self-government, respect for the principle of subsidiarity and the participation of citizens. CEMR is also the European Section of the world organisation, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), through which we represent European local and regional government on the international stage.

PLATFORMA is the pan-European coalition of towns and regions and their associations active in city-to-city and region-to-region development cooperation at the national, European and global levels. All of them are key players in international cooperation for sustainable development. PLATFORMA acts as a hub of expertise for European local and regional governments’ international actions and works to boost European local and regional governments’ contributions to EU development cooperation policies and international frameworks. PLATFORMA is an externally funded action led by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR).